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Custom Pulley System Quote

The price listed here is for exemplary purposes only. A price must be quoted to you in order for you to purchase this system or systems. Please e-mail, by clicking on the following link to return to the website, to the pulley systems page.

When you e-mail, we will send forms for you to complete with your particular measurements and then design a system for you. You may ask for a design for one or for multiple quilts, hung side by side, one above the other, etc.

The system will be complete so that a handy-person should be able to readily hang it. Your sleeved quilt will be able to be raised and lowered with ease.

Complete system prices and shipping prices will also be quoted. These amounts will be corrected manually, if different than amount shown on this page and during checkout, before your credit card is charged. (Since each system will be slightly different, each quote will be slightly different and the manual adjustment is the only way to make it work with this store system.) Thanks!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!